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Mole National Park

Mole National Park

Ghana’s national parks and reserves attract thousands of visitors every year. Who could resist with its diverse habitat and wide array of species? National park and reserves are vital to maintaining and protecting Ghana’s environment due to the increased level of deforestation. Whether it be from subsistence farming or illegal mining, their forests are in danger everyday and need to be protected. Listed below are five of the best national parks and reserves Ghana has to offer as well as some ways they contribute to reforestation and protection.

Mole National Park is the largest park in Ghana and is located in West Gonja District of the Northern Region.There are a whopping 1,111,974 acres of diverse savannah woodland, forest, and rivers/streams (1). This site hosts about 90 known species of mammals including the buffalo and hartebeest. More than 300 species of bird call this place home (2). Mole National Park does have a visitor center open to the public and even has a motel at the headquarters! In order to find this beautiful destination, one has to visit the nearby town of Larabanga and take a private form of transportation

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