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Alton HotelGreater Accra/Tema
Amical HotelBudgetTema Comm. 1Greater Accra/Tema
Ampomah Guest HouseGuest HouseEast LegonGreater Accra/Tema
Anaa Elm Guest HouseGuest HouseEast CantonmentsGreater Accra/Tema
Anowa Tree LodgeGuest HouseTantra HillsGreater Accra/Tema
Anoyeb LodgeBudgetMadinaGreater Accra/Tema
Apollo HotelBudgetTema Comm. 11Greater Accra/Tema
Apple Eye HotelGuest HouseOdorkorGreater Accra/Tema
Apple HotelBudgetTema Comm. 1Greater Accra/Tema
Armah's Home LodgeHome LodgeGreda Estates, TeshieGreater Accra/Tema
Asia HotelTema Comm. 1Greater Accra/Tema
Asylum Down LodgeBudgetAsylum DownGreater Accra/Tema
Avenida HotelBudgetAdabrakaGreater Accra/Tema
Avenue Club AnnexBudgetTesanoGreater Accra/Tema
Avenue Club HotelBudgetAdabrakaGreater Accra/Tema